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Skin tumor characterized by the malignant growth of melanocytes. It occurs especially in the skin, often as a result of excessive exposure to sunlight.
Published by lucia anna 88 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +47 votes | 23 comments
Cancer is a monstrous disease. It is threatening everyone in the modern world. Researchers reveal that cancer is an acquired disease of modern lifestyle. Latest studies suggest that changes in food habits and increase in pollution level have caused alarming increase in cancer rates. Marshall University, West Virginia, has published a study report recently on walnut and cancer. The report in the journal “Nutrition and Cancer” states that regular habit of taking walnut in diet can consider...
Published by +Paulose 72 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +33 votes | 19 comments
Cancer is the leading cause of death in 2010 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But although cancer is a devastating disease, it is largely preventable.
Published by Alma Galvez 83 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +24 votes | 4 comments
Lung cancer patients nobut also with better quality of life doublet chemotherapy. This new class of anti-cancer drugs appears to stop and the freedom to pursue certain activities w have a better option that provides considerable relief and higher survival rate, not only from the harmful effects of chemotherapy and cancer progression, which would not be attainable while undergoingcancerous cells from unregulated and continuous growth.
Published by chy99 83 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +23 votes | 17 comments
Of all types of cancers, cervical Early diagrate and successful treatment. nosis and detection will be the be cancer is the third most common type of cancer in females but with much less common in the United States due to the routine practice of Pap option to have a higher cure
Published by chy99 80 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +22 votes | 13 comments
The foods we eat may have a huge impact on fighting cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research has made some recommendations. Color is in. This article will help you make some simple diet changes that will truly impact your long term health.
Published by Susan Kaul 92 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +22 votes | 13 comments
Many people recourse to having oral sex instead of conventional sex to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, ignorantly thinking that oral sex is safer than ordinary sex. But today, we know better with scientific researched and technology that oral sex and cancer are definitely linked. Health and dental experts warned that oral sex with a partner infected with genital wart can increase the risk of cancer-even much more than alcohol and tobacco – meaning that the situation is mor...
Published by Ron Siojo 72 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +21 votes | 14 comments
Two studies show that drinking coffee signficantly reduces the chances of women getting endometrial Cancer by 25 to 35 percent,
Published by Jerry Walch 73 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +21 votes | 11 comments
What is cancer? What is colon cancer? What is colorectal cancer? The National Colorectal Awareness Month is globally celebrated in the month of March. Colorectal cancer begins in the digestive system also known as the gastrointestinal system. This cancer grows very slowly, starts as a polypus – a growth of tissue that begins in the lining and grows in the middle of the colon or rectum.
Published by Ron Siojo 69 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +20 votes | 14 comments
Ovarian cancer is the 5th most common type of cancer in women, and it is one of the most deadly cancers also. ItÂ’s not entirely known what causes ovarian cancer, but there are some factors that put some women at risk. For instance, women may have a genetic propensity to develop ovarian or breast cancer due to the BRCA 1 and BRCA2 genes.
Published by Charlene Collins 94 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +19 votes | 7 comments
Upon detecting the presence of a lump in your breast, your doctor will ask you to schedule numerous tests including ultrasound scans and mammograms to confirm or disprove the existence of cancer. Early detection is always the key to successful medical intervention.
Published by chy99 75 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +18 votes | 10 comments
A descriptive article about some of the foods that are best suited to fighting cancer and the areas of the body they help the most.
Published by John Smither 78 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +18 votes | 1 comments
Breast Adjuvant Chemotherapy has helped patients to gain hope and breast cancer.cancer no longer means certain death as there are many treatment options available to help cure and prevent cancer recurrence. The treatment as like confidence knowing they stand a better chance of surviving
Published by chy99 94 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +18 votes | 12 comments
Cancer is a dangerous disease which could happen to anyone. You never know when it could happen or where in the body it will strike. Cancer is challenging disease which can be heartbreaking. There are many new treatments today that may give you a better chance to live longer and a more fulfilled live
Published by Nora Moore 69 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +17 votes | 17 comments
While cancer remains, somewhat, a mystery for most people, lifestyle and diet changes can aid in its prevention. The types of food you take, especially, play a key role in helping warding off this terrible malady. Your lifestyle, too, is a rich contributor to cancer prevention. Read on, to know, how you can prevent cancer by your lifestyle and food changes.
Published by Sarah Royal Muleshe 68 months ago in Cancer & Therapy | +16 votes | 6 comments
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